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RhymePhile's Rat Race

Why all the pearls?Why all the hair?Why anything?
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Welcome to RhymePhile's Rat Race! This journal is adult in nature (as, y'know, I'm an adult) and will often deal with topics that may be unsuitable for those with weak constitutions -- or those who have problems with boys kissing boys. There is also fiction at this journal that some may consider graphic. Minors should heed that warning, mmkay? Icons, photographs, screencaps, videos, MP3s and anything else I post to this journal are open to public view, and I simply ask that you credit the source when creating content of your own. Thanks.

Feel free to Friend me if you'd like. No need to ask.

I'm from New Jersey
I don't expect too much/
If the world ended today
I would adjust

-- John Gorka, I'm From New Jersey

My X-Files mood theme by foxestacado

My Oz mood theme by halfdutch

My Supernatural mood theme by tonicangel

Um, mini-bio...

Glasses, green eyes, curly hair, super powers, and ways of making you talk. I'm originally from New Jersey, born and raised. I live with my lady-partner and two cats.

An editor and writer by trade, currently I'm the author of sexy short stories that I sell on Amazon.

I'm also an X-Files fanfic author from way back; presently I mod the YahooGroups RATales (devoted to everything Alex Krycek) and Mulder_Krycek:Velocity (devoted to the relationship, slash or otherwise, between M/K). I'm also a huge fan of Supernatural and Dean/Cas, and have written in that fandom as well. My fandom interests are varied; check out my pinned fic post or my page on Archive of Our Own.

Anything else you need to know about me can be discovered by looking at my interests list and tags. That covers it all. I'm bizarre; welcome to my world!

I'm on AO3, Twitter, Tumblr, and Wattpad under the name of RhymePhile.

Fan fiction
Snippets from various fandoms
Prompt answers from various fandoms
Fandom crossovers
Oz fic (includes AU between Beecher and Keller)
Oz/Law & Order: SVU fic
Law & Order: SVU fic
The X-Files fic
Supernatural fic

Fan fiction series
The Party Favors Series - an Oz/Desperate Housewives crossover with Chris Keller and Peter McMillan

Click on the banner below for The Smile Series

The Smile Series, an Elliot Stabler/Tobias Beecher crossover in 12 chapters

Fifteen Years of Memories

Sammy and Dean against the world is Love

♥ Eyefucking is Love ♥

This is all you need to know about their relationship right here photo DeanCaslovelook_zps6283722e.gif

"You never will be just a blip in time, Ianto Jones. Not for me."

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